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Our Story

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Bailey’s has been providing technology solutions for three generations. Bailey’s, founded in 1970 by retired Marine Corp. Captain Robert Bailey, began as a humble TV repair shop and soon expanded into a consumer electronics retailer. In 1978, as the storefront continued to see growth, Randy Angst, already involved in the business “married the boss's daughter” and eventually took over operations and continues to grow the products and services we offer. 45 years later Randy is still involved with day-to-day operations of the retail storefront. In 2007, Randy’s son, Levi Angst, returned to the family business and created the custom integration side of the business often referred to as “IE”. "IE" traveled across state lines with a wide variety of technology-focused products and services and integrate them into homes and businesses until joining the team at Federal Protection, Inc in 2019.  Bailey's continued to operate its retail store and traditional residential installation business. In 2023 the we began providing online shopping options for local pickup & delivery.  

Our History

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